The Fortress Difference

The survival value of international wealth diversification has been proven time and again. Most memorably, in World War II, wealth held outside Germany and the occupied countries of Europe provided a fresh start for hundreds of thousands of persons persecuted by the Nazis.

US citizens and permanent residents (“green card” holders) face special challenges when investing or doing business outside the US. The challenges range from complex reporting requirements to tax traps in non-US mutual funds and pension plans. Laws such as Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) have made most non-US financial institutions unwilling to accept US persons as clients.

Fortress, together with its international partners, can provide solutions for all of these issues:

  • We create customized and US-tax compliant international structures designed to hold investment portfolios or operate international businesses.
  • We can assist with the opening of bank and securities accounts in Nevis and other international financial centers.
  • We can prepare all required tax and reporting forms for the IRS and US Treasury.
  • We provide international wealth preservation and tax planning services for US persons and non-US persons investing, doing business with the US, or with family members resident in the US.

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